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Viewpoint at WestbayWelcome to Westbay Marina's online resource

Westbay Marina From the AirThis website is intended to be helpful in answering your questions and conducting general business with the Marina. It is our hope that we can make our services more convenient and less time consuming both, to do business with, and keep a boat with, our Marina.
The Information Page and Forum are places that you can get various questions answered. The idea being that if it isn't on the Information Page then you can ask the question in the Forum and check back later for the reply at your convenience. This allows the Marine community the chance to view your results and perhaps add additional content.

The Chandlery is a place to buy and sell your Marine Items. Contact the office to have your items listed.

You can pay your marina bill below with our secure credit card checkout or you can establish a Paypal account using a credit card or bank account.



Westbay Marina   2100 Westbay Dr. N.W.   Olympia, WA 98502  Phone: (360)943-2022